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The Noah's Ark Health Management Center has established a professional health check-up institution for the purpose of “knowing health and managing health” through health routine examinations and leading domestic level genetic testing and pre-cancerous screening techniques.

Noah's Ark Health Management Center, Wenhua East Road, Laizhou City


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Noah's Ark Health Management Co., Ltd. officially launched

2018/10/22 14:50

  Service concept: Adhering to the concept of nature, respecting life, guarding dignity, fully embodying the ethical concept of patient care. Constantly improve self-cultivation, exquisite medical skills, high medical ethics, strict self-discipline, and provide patients with comprehensive medical services.  

  Basic policy: 1. Provide timely, accurate, safe and effective treatment plan for each patient. 2. Provide warm and satisfactory full-course medical services to patients and their families. 3, to provide patients with a comfortable and comfortable healing environment. 4. Actively absorb and utilize advanced science and technology and medical methods to provide high-quality medical technology services. 5, to undertake post-operative rehabilitation and home care responsibilities, emotional health, giving patients warm, thoughtful care and care. 6. Promote energy conservation and ecological protection, and strive to protect the environment and contribute to social health.

All medical staff in the hospital will strive to comply with and implement the above guidelines. Scientific all-round health management services Noah's Ark Health Management Center provides personalized health check-ups, which are evaluated and diagnosed by experts to develop a personalized health care plan. Professional ethics Connaught must be sincere, the sub-sacred sage, the Founder is unbiased, and the Zhou Ji Cangsheng. Noah's Ark Health Management Center is based on the concept of benevolence, benevolence and benevolence, care for life, urgency for patients, think of what patients think, help patients with the needs, provide patient-centered medical rehabilitation services. 1/Health Alerts Health warnings are conducted through health risk assessments to correct unhealthy lifestyles and behavioral habits and reduce the risk of illness. Health check-ups, preventive precautions Scientific and reasonable physical examination programs, screening for diseases and sub-health status, providing scientific basis for early diagnosis and early treatment. Advanced and perfect function evaluation system Advanced testing equipment and experienced team of experts make a comprehensive assessment of members' mental health, mental and metabolic status, and organ function. 2/Disease treatment The group of experts in the Noah's Ark uses a wealth of medical care experience to provide safe, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment services.

Noah's Ark has exclusive expert clinics, health checkups, and member wards to achieve a one-stop service model for preventive health care. Equipped with a professional and ceremonial training team to provide members with full-course medical services. Appointment services are available for diagnosis and treatment; specialist consultations are arranged for difficult illnesses; health consultants are available for special needs. 3/Rehabilitation and nursed back to health and mental health, and to maintain the best state of the body, using modern scientific rehabilitation concepts and means, combined with the traditional Chinese medicine's health advantages. Nutritional Health Guidance Conduct nutritional status assessments, provide reasonable nutrition counseling, and develop personalized nutrition programs. Personalized Care Program Develop personalized care plans for members based on health assessment conclusions.

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