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The Noah's Ark Health Management Center has established a professional health check-up institution for the purpose of “knowing health and managing health” through health routine examinations and leading domestic level genetic testing and pre-cancerous screening techniques.

Noah's Ark Health Management Center, Wenhua East Road, Laizhou City


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Both ability and political integrity - talented person, German capital also; German, talented handsome. "German"--has a high basic quality, "cause"--the basic ability to perform job duties. The ancients said that the feet are short, the inches are long, the things are insufficient, and the wisdom is unknown. Choosing people and employing people does not require both, but taking morality first, promoting morality with morality, and cultivating morality. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, we will build a talent structure with both ability and political integrity.

Only to make the best use of it - because of its material to take it, judge it can take it, use its strengths, cover up its short. Knowing people is good and responsible, only talent is the right, suitable for the job, suitable for the job. With keen insight, we will discover the individual characteristics of each employee, make use of the talents, put the talents in the most appropriate position, apply the advantages of the employees to the most suitable work, and make the sages in their place. The capable person is in his position, he is responsible for his duties, and he has done his best to avoid weaknesses.