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The Noah's Ark Health Management Center has established a professional health check-up institution for the purpose of “knowing health and managing health” through health routine examinations and leading domestic level genetic testing and pre-cancerous screening techniques.

Noah's Ark Health Management Center, Wenhua East Road, Laizhou City


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About us

Passionate service for you


Sincere idea

But pray that the world is disease-free, why worry on the shelf medicine dust. Extensive kindness, pursuit of excellence, virtue and practice medicine, medical ethics to help.

Accurate detection

Domestic and foreign high-tech and sophisticated equipment, international inspection standards, comprehensive and systematic quality assurance.

Consummate skill

Experienced, skilled team of experts, remote diagnosis and treatment, green medical channels.

Precise scheme

Establish health records, develop personalized, comprehensive and in-depth health care plan for you, guide you how to correct health care.

Meticulous service

Complete facilities, warm and comfortable environment, full consideration of customer needs, full accompanying, one doctor, one patient, one consultation room, one-stop service.